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Special Message From Representative Dan Eubanks

Thank you so much for taking the time to open this email and read it. I know how much spam I get these days, so I feel very honored that you have given me a few minutes of your time and some attention to this message.

Four years ago I ran for office to make a difference in our state, by supporting our conservative values and giving my neighbors the representation they lacked but deserved. Together, we have done just that. I am proud to report that we have had many monumental wins, but there is still much left to do.

Those of you that know me, know that I have always tried to help anyone who has ever asked, regardless of where they live in our state. Believe it or not, I regularly have folks reach out to me because their own elected representation refuses to even respond to their calls or emails.

Apart from my faith, I have always sought to put you (my fellow Mississippians) first. As can be imagined, this has often put me at odds with the agenda of local politicians and even occasionally my own party. But, I have never once thought that the good people of my district hired me to just go and have a good time playing government and doing the bidding of the elected class. I truly believe that if more public servants remembered the folks that elected them, and did the job they were entrusted with, most of our dislike and distrust of politicians would melt away.

Because I have put you first, some of my county and municipal leadership (who's taxation and annexation agendas I helped check), went out and recruited a challenger to run against me. Over the course of the campaign, they have spun mistruths, name called, and done their best to discredit my good record as your Representative.

As one of the most awarded and endorsed Representatives in the entire Mississippi House, you have real reason to be proud of the job I am doing for you. Also, if you have kept up with my blog these past four years, you have seen all of the legislative wins that you and I have had as well. These things don't happen if you are an "ineffective legislator" as they would try to imply.

What I humbly ask from each of you, is not just for your vote this Tuesday, August 6th, but also your prayers. It has been a long hard campaign, but I truly believe that standing up for YOU and being YOUR VOICE is worth the price. Please tell all of your friends and neighbors about my record of service to you, and help us get out and vote. If you don't live in House District 25, I still ask for your prayers, and that you would research your local candidates and go vote as well.

Thank you for giving me the honor of Representing you in Jackson these last four years, and I hope that I will continue to have that honor for another four. I look forward to seeing many of you at the polls.

God bless you and your family, and our great state of Mississippi!

Representative Dan Eubanks

Mississippi House District 25

(662) 374-0035

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