2016: February 8th-12th

*Each day's House Business is provided in the hyperlinks below. Monday, February 8 th http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/2016/pdf/daily_action/02082016.xml I meet up early with my nephews Andrew and TJ, and headed down with them to Jackson. I got them checked in with the Page Station. I picked up the last of my bills. I had been waiting for over a month, and got them back the afternoon they were due. They had asked me if I wanted to just have them drop the Bills for me, which I told them no. After reading them, I was very glad I did. One of them titled “Birth Gender Privacy Act” was established to protect the gender privacy rights of the majority over the subjective decision, and often a

2016: February 1st-5th

*Each day's House Business is provided in the hyperlinks below. Monday, February 1st http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/2016/pdf/daily_action/02012016.xml Gaveled in at 4. Later that evening, the trailer caucus was invited over to a home cooked meal at the offices of Karyn Thornhill. She is a lobbyist who has converted an old home close to the capitol into her offices, and with all of the additional unneeded space in the building, she lets area missions and non-profits use as their office space. There was no agenda other than giving us in the trailer caucus a close space and a hot meal. Over dinner, about 8 of us Reps debated the need for ABC and our current liquor and licensing laws. Tue

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