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"Like an armchair quarterback, most of us are guilty of sitting back and critiquing our government officials with a combined sense of amazement, disgust and often distrust. We wonder where all of the sane, moral, and true servant hearted men and women have gone?  The answer - they are busy working their jobs, paying their taxes, raising their children, going to church...and wondering all the while where all the sane, moral, and servant hearted have gone.  I have decided it's time for me to stop wondering about the question, and start being a part of the answer."              Dan Eubanks



The men who wrote our Constitution fought passionately over the balance of power between the states and the federal government. When the Bill of Rights was added, the 10th Amendment provided that powers not given to the federal government were to remain with the states (or the people).


The Tenth Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights to further define the balance of power between the federal government and the states. The amendment states that the federal government has only those powers specifically granted to it by the Constitution. These powers include the power to declare war, to collect taxes, to regulate interstate business activities and a few others that are listed in the articles.


Any power not listed, is left up to the states. Although the Tenth Amendment does not specify what these “powers” may be, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that laws affecting family relations (such as marriage, divorce, and adoption), commerce that occurs within a state’s own borders, and local law enforcement activities, are among some of the rights specifically reserved to the states.


Over the past decade, we have seen an erosion like never before of both our individual and state's rights. Now is the time for us as individuals (and as state legislators) to stand up and fight to preserve our freedoms and liberty, before even that right too is gone. 


Dan Eubanks pledges to always stand up and fight when individual citizens and states' rights are in the balance.  


It's not about how much you make, or even how wealthy you are, it's about how you manage what you've been blessed with. The richest nation, state, municipality, or even individual will eventually all come to ruin if spending isn't managed and controlled.


It is hard to avoid the headlines these days about our Federal Debt (now over $33 trillion dollars with over $194 trillion in total unfunded liabilities).  Most of us regularly contemplate it without being able to fully comprehend both its sheer magnitude or ramifications.  That's almost $1 million dollars per citizen. One thing is for certain though, if something isn't eventually done about it, there will be a day of reckoning. 


Mississippi ranks 33rd in "state's percentage of debt" as it relates to Gross State Product (GSP).  A balanced budget and debt removal are more than just things households should strive for; but all levels of government.  All of us should make fiscal responsibility our mantra.  Only then will we see on an individual, city, state and national level, that true economic peace and security that we all so fully desire.


Dan Eubanks pledges to always work towards responsible state spending and a balanced budget, without raising taxes. 


One of the things that has more power to transform Mississippi than anything else, is for us to create an economic environment which fosters business creation, business growth and outside business relocation.  Often through short sighted efforts and non-uniformed treatment (as it relates to corporate taxation, franchise taxes, and tax incentives), Mississippi gets passed over by global industry, big corporate investment, and even good old fashioned local innovation. 


By keeping our eye on the big picture (and the ultimate end game), Mississippi can become that destination spot for business, manufacturing, technology, and even finance.  With new industry comes new jobs, and with jobs come a better Mississippi.


Dan Eubanks pledges to support and introduce legislation which encourages economic freedom and job creation.


In addition to economic incentives and reform, education has the power to foster business and innovation like no other.  An educated Mississippi is ultimately a working Mississippi.  A working Mississippi is a happier Mississippi.


It should be the end goal of Mississippi Legislators to make education, and educational choice within the reach of all Mississippians.  A good hard look should be taken at what we do financially and intellectually in Mississippi's public school system.  Only then can we determine what is broken and work to fix it.  A wise man once said that the true definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, all the while expecting a different result.  The status quo will no longer do, the system is broken.  Mississippi comes in last on so many national polls as it relates to our public education system.  It's time for us to think outside of the box.  Innovation should be encouraged. Charter schools and freedom of choice should be seriously considered.  Federal over reach and mandates which push things like Common Core, Critical Race Theory, and Gender Identity should be fought. 


Everyone has a vested interest in this issue, even those with no children currently in the system.  "Without vision, the people perish."  We've got to start working today, to guarantee Mississippi a better tomorrow.  


Dan Eubanks pledges to support all reform initiatives that work towards educating Mississippi's children and young adults at a level that makes us a leader among states.   



It seems like our nation which once was founded on the principle of "Freedom of Religion," is fast becoming a place where "Freedom from Religion" is the norm.  When the religious rights and freedoms of the majority are being eroded at the rate in which they are (by the efforts of a small, organized, and very vocal liberal minority), we have real problems on the horizon.  If we have not learned anything from history, we will be forced to repeat it. All over this nation, we are bearing witness to a deluge of Gestapo like tactics being used on people who exercise their religious freedoms to speak their convictions or choose whom they do business with. Through intimidation, threats, and even smear campaigns, we are witnessing abusive tactics being used against anyone who contradicts their agenda.  We are also witnessing systemic abuses by political powers to further these agendas as well.


It's time for those of Faith to dig in their heels and fight.  If we do not, there is fast approaching a time when it will be too late.


Dan Eubanks pledges to fight every battle where religious freedoms and liberties are being threatened.  Dan Eubanks will tirelessly strive to do everything within his power to help make Mississippi a Sanctuary State for every person of Faith. 



Dan Eubanks pledges to remain available to, and concerned about, every constituent in Mississippi's State Representative District 25.  From making his phone and email available to all and inviting discussion and input, to offering updates during each session, Dan's goal is to keep those he represents informed and engaged. Transparency, communication and cooperation is the cornerstone of his representation.


Consider subscribing to his blog today, and remain "In the know"going forward.

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