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Out campaigning with my son on a hot day in July, 2015.


In reflection, 2015 has proven to be one of the most exciting, yet challenging years of my life. Since the days that I served as Student Body President some 30+ years ago at my High School, I have often dreamed about public service.

For the past 10 years, everytime that I witnessed a politician's seeming disregard for the political process, or their lack of morality and personal integrity, the idea of public service only seemed to grow stronger in my mind. The Edmund Burke quote, "All that is neccessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing," kept coming back to me over and overagain. Eventually, with the increasingly steady chipping away of our liberties, and the illegal overreach by our Federal Goverment into the affairs of the State, my motivation level became so high that I could not rest. That occasional boyhood dream, had finally solidified into an undeniable and inescapable conviction...a conviction to act. For if I truly was to considered myself a patriot and lover of this great republic (which I did and do), I could no longer sit idly by and do nothing. Our forefathers risked life, liberty, and prosperty for the "ideal" of this nation. Thousands upon thousands have died to protect the "ideal." And when the enemy of the "ideal" and the advancment and protection of our liberty seems to come from the very ones sworn to protect it, then the battleground was clear. One must first go to the battlefront, if they ever intend to fight the war. So that is what I have endeavored to do by signing up and qualifying for office.

Many prayers later, and with what I felt to be confirmation from my creator, along with the heartfelt blessings and encouragement of my friends and family, I took this leap of faith in an effort to "try and be the change that I so wished to see." For if death is to be the lot of our great republic and it's "ideal", then I would rather try to do my part to help save her and fail, than to possibly mourn her loss someday and regret never having tried at all.


I honestly feel that I could write a book about just the experiences that I have had since my decision to run. The process can be daunting, and I fear that it is this process what keeps so many good men and women away from public service. There is much that one can only guess about until they have walked the course of such an endeavor. Things like the qualifying process, the ardious and awkward task of raising money, the seemingly endless campaigning through both a primary and general election, the stress of working a full time job, and still being a fulltime husband and father (all while trying to mount a successful campaing), the emotional rollercoaster that comes with every aspect of the campaign, the speeches, the door knocking, the all encompassing, mind consuming nature of the challenge which leads to more than one sleepless night, the anxiety of what you will do if you win the race but loose your main job as a result...these are the types of experiences I know all to well now having run this race. I must honestly say that I will never watch another politicial race, see a political add, or listen to election results the same way again. To work in tandem with my brother David's campain for our Senate race, and to grieve his loss as if it were my own. To the joy of winning, and yet still grieving for those who lost to me, while it sound almost ridiculous, it has all been part of this process.

While most of the experiences listed above may sound a bit negative, I cannot fail to mention the absolutely humbling and mind blowing nature of many of the others; like when friends and family members donate money to your campaign just because they believe in you, money that many of them really can't afford to part with, or how those same friends and family will stand out in the sun, heat, and sometimes bug infested outdoors for 12 hours straight to hold signs and wave for you. There is also the incredible feeling of watching God open doors and line up devine encounters and campaign partners, that I could never have imagined or even landed on your own? And then there is all the neighbors, my fellow Mississippians. Had it not been for the campaign, I would have never talked, got to know, or had the opportunity to stand on their porch and pray for so many of my neighbors. The experience was not even close to being all negative. In face, I haven't fealt more alive in a long time. To live out one's conviction or dream, I believe can yield no greater feeling or sense of purpose.

I have been humbled beyong measure to have the vote of confidence from my dear family, friends, and neigbors in Mississippi's House District 25. I do not take this honor lightly, and will do all that I can to fight for the preservation of liberty and the founding "ideals" of our forefathers. I will also try to do it all with morality, integrity, and a respect for the political process and founding documents that bind this great republic together.


As promised, it has been my desire to offer real tranparency while I represent everyone in my district (whether they voted for me or not). This blog, is intended to be public account of what I am doing on my constituents behalf, as well as an opportunity for anyone interested in the process to have a glimps into state politics. One of the things that I hope to accomplish with this blog, is keep my constituents and anyone else who's interested, updated with all of the important issues that are going on both in Desoto County and at the Capital.

As I begin this endeavor, there will not be alot of policy or bill discussion. Much of the process every four year election cycle begins with formalities and the settling in process. Until committee assignments are made, and the deadline for bills reached, it is more about the networking process, and for us newbies: learning how things are done. I would like to apologize in advance, for the initial content. I am sure there will be plenty of typos and poor grammer. Initially, it will also probably resemble more diary, than blog or commentary about issues.

I also plan to utilize more video blog entries later on in the session, when we begin the process of discussing upcoming legislation. The video format, I feel, will be easier to produce and share what is important with everyone who decides to subscribe to this blog and stay up to date with the goings on here in Jackson.

Everything that is happening to me, is so completely new that I want to capture everybit of it for you the reader/viewer, my constituent, myself, and anyone else who desires to maybe one day step into legislative public service as well. I hope that you will enjoy coming along with me on this exciting journey.

Throughout this process, I hope that you will join my fight to preserve our liberties, state, and this great republic of ours. God bless you, and our great state of Mississippi.

So, let's get started!


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